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Yoga * Healing Circle * Kirtan * Dance
Ladies Yoga Night - Relax...Lighten up. Exalt!

For a self-exalted yogini no conditions are needed to celebrate the life. And still the end of December is very good excuse to transform yoga class into a party!

Come for yoga, meditation, chanting and dance dedicated to three significant HOLY-DAYS:

Winter Solstice - tuning in with nature to embrace rest.
Christmas - when we can re-ignite our inner light and tune into Christ's consciousness.
Old / New Year shift - when we can thank life for all gifts that we got and all lessons that we learned, and nurture our positive mind with bold resolutions for the future.

Take your girlfriends that never been to yoga party before - they will get chance to experience a little bit of all facets of yoga in one time and who knows may be will love it as much as you do :)
Event is open for pregnant ladies too, yoga part will be little different for them.

REGISTER: email to info@daleep.org

COSTS: 15 euro. For current yoga students - considered as one class from the card.
Yoga mats, cushions, yogi-tea and water available.

One small beautiful Christmas tree decoration or festive candle to give each other small gift
Fancy shirt (because we celebrate)
Shawl for meditation/relaxation
Fruits/snacks to share

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